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Certified Navigator

As a Certified Navigator by Auxano, Andrew Estes has led churches and individuals in identifying and articulating their own God Dreams. After over a decade of serving as a pastor on multiple church staffs, Andrew is currently the Director of Training & Communications for Nexus: Church Planting & Leader Care.


Andrew’s fervor for visionary leadership has impassioned him to help church leaders find and focus their vision. He brings a breadth of experience in ministry and is endorsed by Nexus Church Planting & Leader Care to bring vivid clarity to church leaders and their teams. 

Andrew’s education includes a Bachelor of Biblical Literature from Ozark Christian College; he is a Certified Navigator by Auxano in both the Church Unique & God Dreams processes and is a Life Coach & Master Trainer in the Younique personal journey. Andrew lives in Loveland, CO with his wife Megan and three children.


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“Andrew is an effective, relatable developer of people. He is the best kind of coach - the kind who meets you where you are and successfully guides you forward. Andrew is a clear communicator who is both client-focused and Jesus-led. I trust him with my friends.”

Jessie Cruickshank 

Co-founder of the 5QCollective & co-author  Activating 5Q: A User’s Guide with Alan Hirsch.

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