Your Path To Freedom, Confidence, & Clarity.


"After over a decade in ministry, inundated by the greatest resources the Church has to offer, I’ve never come across a tool that has more profoundly and elegantly changed the way I think about mission and vision than The Vision Frame. "

Andrew Estes

Developed by church consultant Will Mancini to help churches develop a stunningly unique model of ministry that leads to redemptive movement. The Vision Frame contains five components that define your church's DNA and creates the platform for all vision casting. No leader should lead, no team should meet, and no initiative should start without a clear understanding of their unique Vision Frame.


The Vision Frame is a tool created to answer the five irreducible questions of clarity.


What Are We Doing?

The missional mandate is a clear and concise statement that describes what the church is ultimately supposed to be doing.


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Walk The Path To Vision Clarity

The Church Unique Vision Pathway is custom designed to take your team through the creation of your church's Vision Frame. Establishing and articulating your unique DNA & Vision.

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2-Day Vision Retreat

Find and focus your long term vision and short term execution in a 2-day retreat. The Horizon Storyline offers the senior leadership the confidence that there is no better way to articulate the direction of the church.


Gospel-Centered Life Design

The journey to clarity begins with the courage to know yourself. Most people go through life missing the power of realizing their special, specific calling. Younique is the first gospel-centered life planning experience that brings together vigorous assessment, personal coaching and practical tools to provide break-thru clarity for your life.


What leaders are saying about The Clarity Project.

“Andrew is an effective, relatable developer of people. He is the best kind of coach - the kind who meets you where you are and successfully guides you forward. Andrew is a clear communicator who is both client-focused and Jesus-led. I trust him with my friends.”

Jessie Cruickshank

Co-founder of the 5QCollective & co-author Activating 5Q: A User’s Guide with Alan Hirsch.

"[Andrew's] ability to facilitate the training and planning sessions have made him a powerful asset to any team that wants to discern and articulate a clear vision. His ability to carefully and tactfully lead teams, even when engaging with highly driven and opinionated leaders, has proven quite effective... I have no doubt he will bless your team."

Phil Claycomb

Executive Director, Nexus Church Planting & Leader Care

"Church leaders get distracted often with the rigors of doing ministry. Andrew Estes and the God Dreams process is a God send!  Andrew does a phenomenal job guiding discussion, asking compelling questions, and allowing teams to work through the process of the vision frame.  Having my team work with Andrew has pointed us in a direction where we are all on the same page and has kept us accountable to the vision God has for our church."

Patrick Lightfoot

Lead Pastor, Traverse Christian Church

"Having Andrew Estes lead our team through Will Mancini's 'God Dreams' was incredibly valuable. Andrew's ability to disseminate an incredible amount of information in a brief amount of time while keeping our team on task is truly a passion and gifting. He led our team into discovering and honing our God Dream. Andrew can help your team dream a God Dream that will change you, your leadership, your church, your community, and the world."

Adam Coop

Vision Pastor, Whitewater Christian Church

"Clarity isn't everything but it changes everything."

Will Mancini


Begin the journey on your Vision Pathway today.